Organizational Development, Renewal and Traction

Organizations are like intricate machinery, in which all the gears need to fit together, and at the same time a living dynamic organism, as well as arenas of negotiation. For an organization to grow and reach its full potential, these aspects must be in sync without different perspectives clashing, and thus obstructing progress. Revitalization, renewal and innovation is paramount to an organization, for it to adapt, face its challenges and seize emerging opportunities. Loid Consulting facilitates processes, in which we help you use the tensions and ambiguities inherent in your organization, and transform them into purposeful action. All to create the traction needed to move your organization forward, towards your visions and ambitious targets.

Case:  Loid Consulting assisted an influential public organization, which sought to strengthen its position among its clients, and to increase their market share in their current market segment, as well as in new markets. Management wanted to increase output from the highly skilled and specialized staff, and to encourage them to partake in product development,  to reach new clientele and to increase focus on the commercial aspects. The new marketing director, who had been appointed to realize these intentions saw an obvious risk of getting in conflict with the highly specialized experts, that constituted the backbone of the company. To evade the feared clashes that could emerge between the new management, coming from a commercial background, and the highly competent and specialized staff, the marketing director turned to Loid Consulting in order to find a way to reach their ambitious goals, without risking potential conflict during the process. A structured discovery process was designed for the process, in which the workplace was supported and given a frame of reference by us, to bring forth solutions and ideas on how to move the organization forward in the desired direction, and to elude obstructions and incapacitating conflicts on the way. The results included the creation of arenas for creative solving, and new ways of working with product development, where larger parts of staff were included in development of new products, programmes and the organization. Specific monitoring tools were created in order to evaluate the performance of the these new efforts. All in all, the project increased commercial awareness and customer focus, as well as a stronger dialogue and trust within the organization.

Case: A client experiencing rapid growth, and transformation from commerce to production, had trouble with an increasing workload for management functions. The client needed more employees outside of management to take on responsibility and show initiative, to lessen questions directed towards management. The hope was that this would lead to a development of new leadership within the organization, and to make it possible to delegate divisions to competent middle management. Said rapid growth had resulted in complexity and ambiguity in the organization, where some employees felt a sense of not knowing their purpose. Management wanted strong and competent leadership to handle this. Our solution for this situation was a discovery driven learning process, in which we supported staff and management, to develop strategies for how to operate the organization. This to increase their mutual understanding, to increase the staff’s disposition to take initiative and responsibility, and to enable new leadership to come forth from within the organization.


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