The foundation of many organizations is their niched and complex products and services. Due to said complexity, the sales and decision processes of their customers is often based on reasoning and analysis, rather than the intuitive thinking that traditional brand theory offers. Thus more thorough strategies for communicating the brand and reaching customers with the appropriate information and reasoning need to be developed. The width of these assignments is based on the complexity of operations, the intricacy of its target groups, and can vary from short term step by step solutions to long term programmes.

Case: An ambitious commercial law firm was looking to grow its business in its selected target groups, become a more attractive employer amongst highly qualified workers, as well as finding new partners. Their existing approach to brand management had failed to capture and acknowledge the scope and worth of their services. To that end, they required a fresh approach to redefine and revitalize the brand in order to create greater value for their clients, employees and partners. A majority of their clients were officials and in-house solicitors, working in either large companies and public sector organizations, or in medium to large sized privately held companies, where management primarily consisted of the owners.

Previously, the law firm had grouped these clients into “one”, thereby overlooking the particular needs prevalent in the different businesses, thus requiring several different judicial lines of thought and distinct commercial offerings. An evaluation, mapping different client, partner and employee needs, was conducted to form a new set of best practice guidelines. These focused on strengthening external offerings and carefully tailored communications, building a truly client centric service. Working alongside the firm, these new best practice principals were utilized to form a “frame of reference” and core values for employees, so to ensure a better level of service for all future clients.







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